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Chilled Mirror Dew Point Meter

Chilled Mirror Dew Point Meter

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1. DP29-40 is specifically designed for air dew point measurement. It is applicable to standard reference for electronic component durability , dew point control for firing furnaces, dew point control for fuel cell test system, etc.
2. DP29-SF6 is specially for the measurement of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6). 
3. DP29-60 is a standard type. It applies to standard reference for laboratory calibration, moisture control for ceramic firing furnaces, humidity control for thermo-hygrostat chamber. 
4. DP29-70 is a high-end type. It is suitable for moisture control of drying process, production process of lithium ion battery , measurement of gas with low dew point.
Optional Accessories: USB, RS-232 data cable with software

Model   DP29-40   DP29-60   DP29-SF6   DP29-70
  Range   Under 0°C   -40°C   -60°C   -60°C   -70°C
  Under 10°C   -40°C   -60°C   -60°C   -65°C
  Under 20°C   -35°C   -55°C   -55°C   -60°C
  Under 35°C   -30°C   -45°C   -45°C   -50°C
  Accuracy   ≤±0.2°C, ±1Digit
  Repeatability   ≤±0.1°C, ±1Digit
  Resolution   0.1°C
  Default Output   USB
  Optional Output   ±10mv/°C (0°C= 0mv) or 4-20mA
  Measurement Principle   Chilled Mirror
  Refrigeration   Semiconductor Refrigeration
  Inlet Flow   15~60L/h, Generally 30~40L/h
  Inlet Pressure   10mbar~10bar (1kpa~1Mpa)
  Response Time   2°C/Second (Maximum)
  Pump   Optional Accessory
  Mirror Check   Press the Mode Conversion Key to mirror check mode (‘CH’ on the display), and check manually
  Instrument Check   Press the Test Cooling Key, open the measurement probe, and check manually at mirror check mode.
  Voltage   220VAC±10%,50/60HZ
  Consumption   About 160 Watts
  Temperature   0~50°C
  Humidity   <90%, No Condensation
  Weight   About 7.22kg
  Dimension   342(W)x140(H)x326(D) mm


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