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CM-2000 Wet Film Comb

CM-2000 Wet Film Comb

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CM-2000 Wet Film Comb

Used for checking the thickness coating of wet paint, enamel lacquer,adhensive , architectural coating, color coating, varnish, chemical industry,or other coating that has been applied to a smooth surface.

Measuring Range: 25~2032um (1~80mil)
1. 1-6Mil (25-152μm)
2. 7-12Mil (178-305μm)
3. 14-30Mil (356-762μm)
4. 35-80Mil (889-2032μm)
5. Size: 83 x 57mm, Thickness: 1mm

Measuring Procedure :
1. Select appropriate comb according to approximate known thickness.
2. Hold comb perpendicular to surface coating to be measured.
3. Wet film thickness is between the highest step which is coated and the next (higher) step which remains uncoated.


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