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CM-8826F,CM-8826N,CM-8826FN Coating Thickness Meter

CM-8826F,CM-8826N,CM-8826FN Coating Thickness Meter



Coating Thickness Meter CM-8826F, CM-8826N, CM-8826FN


1. Two measuring methods: magnetic induction (F) and eddy current (N)
2. Two measurement mode: Single and Continuous (Notice: Continuous mode is convenient to measure the coating thickness of curved objects and tiny objects.)
3. Metric/imperial system selectable.
4. Manual or automatic shut down.
5. Automatic memory of calibration value,and automatic recognize the substrate.
6. Operation process have buzzing reminder,while no buzzing in continuous mode.
7. Optional USB/RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
8. Optional Bluetooth data output.
9. Separate Type can provide several type probe, measure can be more flexibility. 
1. F Type sensor (Iron Base): 
Applications: Measure the thickness of non-magnetic materials on magnetic materials, such as galvanizing layer, lacquer layer, porcelain enamel layer, phosphide layer, copper tile, aluminium tile, some alloy tile, paper etc
2. N Type sensor (Aluminium Base):
Applications: Measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metals, such as anodizing, varnish, paint, enamel, plastic coatings, powder, etc. Applied to aluminum, brass, non-magnetic stainless steel, etc 
1. Principle: NF Type Eddy Current / F Magnetic Induction 
2. Range: 0~1250µm/0~50mil 
3. Resolution: 0.1µm/1µm 
4. Accuracy: ±1~3%n or ±2.5µm 
5. Min.Radius Workpiece: F Type:convex 1.5mm/concave 25mm; NF Type:convex 3mm/concave 50mm 
6. Min.Measuring Area: 6mm 
7. Min.Sample Thickness: 0.3mm 
8. Metric/Imperial: Convertible 
9. Battery Indicator: Low Battery Indicator  
10. Automatic Power Off 
11. Operating Conditions: Temperature:0~50ºC; Humidity:<80%RH 
12. Power Supply: 4×1.5V AAA (UM-4)Battery 
13. Dimensions: 126x65x27mm 
14. Weight: 81g (Not Including Batteries) 


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