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Coffee Densitometer Refractometer AMR300

Coffee Densitometer Refractometer AMR300

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Coffee Densitometer Refractometer AMR300


Portable offee densitometer AMR300 measures the concentration of coffee (TDS value) and Brix. By measuring the concentration of coffee, it assists the user to maintain the desired extraction of coffee with consistency.
1. Measurement Units: Brix, Concentration, Temperature
2. Range: Brix: 0.00~30.00%, Concentration: 0.00~25.00%; Temp.: 10~100°C
3. Resolution: Brix/Concentration: 0.01%, Temp.: 0.1°C
4. Accuracy: Brix/Concentration: +-0.20%; Temp.: +-0.5°C
5. Temperature Compensation: ATC 10~60°C
6. Auto Shut-Off: after 1 minutes
8. Idle sample volume: 0.5ml
9. Usage Environment: 10~40°C
10. Power: 1.5V x 1 AAA Alkaline
11. Size: 58 x 25 x 121mm
12. Weight: 90g without battery.


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