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D2012 High Speed Mini Centrifuge

D2012 High Speed Mini Centrifuge

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D2012 High Speed Mini Centrifuge
1. Powerful centrifugal force 15100g, broad application range
2. User-friendly large LCD display provides all visual information
3. Brushless motor drives quickly and effortlessly accelerates the rotor to set speed
4. Gravity center structural design, high strength metal casing, make sure stabilization and security
5. Compact design, save valuable space
6. High speed, low noise
7. Fully auto clavable high strength aluminum alloy rotor
8. High performance price ratio and cost effective operation
9. Speed/Acceleration switch, Short-Time Run Function, sound-alert Function



1. Max. Speed: 15000rpm (500-15000rpm), increment:100rpm
2. Max. RCF: 15100×g, increment: 100rpm×g
3. Rotor: 2ml×12
4. Run Time: 30sec~99min~HOLD (Continuous operation)
5. Driving Motor: Brushless DC motor
6. Safety Devices: Door Interlock, Over-Speed/Over-Temperature Detector, Automatic Internal Diagnosis
7. Power: Single-phase, 100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3A
8. Dimensions: (L) 255×(W) 245× (H) 140mm
9. Weight: 6kg


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