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Digital Lux Meter AMF085

Digital Lux Meter AMF085

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Digital Lux Meter AMF085
1. Measurable Objects: Illuminance and temperature, illuminance difference, maximum and minimum. Illuminance and temperature, imtegrating illuminance and integrating time,and average integrating illuminance.
2. Photoelectric element: Silicon diode
3. Thermal Probe: NTC Thermistor
4. Illuminance Measuring Range: Total measuring range: 0~200000Lux
5. Lux into four ranges: x1 0~199.9Lux; x10 200~1999.9Lux; x100 2000~19999.9Lux; x1000 20000~199999.9Lux
6. Temperature measuring range: 0~40℃
7. Temperature accuracy: ±1.0℃
8. Illuminance  accuracy:  ±3% rdg (below 10000Lux); ±4% rdg (above 10000Lux)
9. Units of illuminance and temperature: Four combinations of units are available lux/℃  lux/℉  FC/℃   FC/℉
10. LCD Display up date frequency: Twice per second
11. Operating Temperature/humidity: 0~40℃ 10~90%RH
12. Storage temperature/humidity: -20~50℃ 10~90%RH
13. Power supply: Two AAA batteries
14. Battery life:10 hours (continuous operation with a USB connection)
15. Auto shutdown: You can set an auto shutdown timer through LuxLAB


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