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Digital Walking Distance Meter MW300

Digital Walking Distance Meter MW300

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Digital Walking Distance Meter MW300

1. Measures up to 9,999.9 Meters/Feet/Yards

2. Bright Orange “Safety” Colour
3. 99.9% Measuring Accuracy
4. Large LCD display for easy reading
5. Control Panel Located Near Handle (so you don’t have to stoop over to read it)
6. Display backlight (for use in darkness)
7. Handy Start/Stop Mode (prevents accidental measurements)
8. “Smart Wheel” (automatically includes wheel radius for accurate wall-to-wall measurements)
9. Area or Volume can be automatic computed by Calculator in sets
10. Units conversion: Meters/Feet/Yards
11. Auto power off after 3 minutes
1. Wheel size: 1 meter (39-3/8″) circumference; 0.318 meter (12-9/16″) diameter
2. Measure range: 999,999.9 meters/feet/yards
3. Wheel Accuracy: 99.9%
4. Wheel Composition: High-impact plastic; TPE rubber tire
5. Maximum Speed: 13Km/h
6. Product Weight: 1.8kgs
7. Length (extended): 1122mm
8. Length (contracted): 620mm
9. Power: 4 x AAA Duracell batteries
10. Battery Life: Approx. 400+ hours of actual usage
11. Auto Shut-off: 3 min.
12. Keypad: 12 keys
13. Operating Temperature: 14-140 F (-10-60 C)
14. Display Type: LCD segment; 6 digits (up to 99,999.9)
15. Accuracy: 99.9% measuring accuracy


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