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DO-102 Laboratory Optical DO Sensor

DO-102 Laboratory Optical DO Sensor



Laboratory Optical DO Sensor DO-102

Laboratory optical dissolved oxygen sensor is developed primary for scientific research and educational uses. The USB based sensor is designed as plug in and play sensor. It does not require a handheld unit or a controller. Just plug the senor into a computer or a Tablet, you will get readings in seconds.
Advantages of optical dissolved oxygen measurement
· Easy use, no membrane, no electrolyte.
· Long lifetime, maintenance free and less calibration.
· No flow dependency and fast response.
· Immune to electrical interference, no chemical interference.
Range: 0-20 mg/L or 0-200% sat
Accuracy: +/-1%
Response time: <10 sec
Drifting: <1% per year
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.2ºC
Temperature and barometric pressure compensation: Build-in Automatic
1. USB connection: supporting USB2.0. No handheld meter is required.
2. Slim 16 mm design.


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