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DO-607A Dissolved Oxygen Meter

DO-607A Dissolved Oxygen Meter



Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-607A

3/1/2LCD with blue-light
Automatic temperature compensation
Immediate response
Easy to carry
D.C. power supply: one piece of 9V battery
The electrode system is composed of polarographic oxygen electrode and temperature electrode
1. Range: Dissolved Oxygen: 0-20mg/L; Temp: 0-40ºC
2. Accuracy: Dissolved oxygen: ±0.3 mg/L±1bit (basic temperature); ±0.5mg/L±1bit (differ: ±10ºC from basic temperature); 
Temperature: ±1ºC±1bit
3. Response time: ≤30s (90% response at 20.0ºC).
4. Stability of the meter: not over ±0.2mg/L ±1bit within one hour
5. Remaining current: ≤0.15mg/L
6. The range of automatic temperature compensation: 0-40ºC


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