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DVP001 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Double Function

DVP001 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Double Function

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DVP001 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Double Function

The diaphragm vacuum pump is mainly used in medicinal products analysis, tenuously chemical engineering, biochemical pharmacy, food examination, investigating and solving criminal case, etc. It is an ideal product used with the high-accuracy chromatogram apparatus, HPLC solvent filter apparatus, and it is the essential equipment in the laboratory. The body is made of aluminum alloy through die casting. It is antiseptic, sprayed, agile and beautiful. It has the features of higher antisepsis, wider working range. It can meet requirements of all kinds of working environments.

Speed of Evacuation: 15L/Min
Temp of the body: 55°C max  Ultimate pressure: 0.075Mpa min 
Ultimate Vacuum: 250mbar
Dimensions: 195 x 98 x 156mm
Pressure:  30 Psi min
Noise Level: <50db
Inlet: dia 6mm
Outlet: dia 6mm
Weight: 4Kg
Motor Power: 75W
Pump Head: Nylon
Temperature of working environment: 7-40°C;  Function: Vacuum & Pressure


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