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ENH-1000 ENH-2000 Portable Dissolved Hydrogen (H2) Meter

ENH-1000 ENH-2000 Portable Dissolved Hydrogen (H2) Meter



Portable Dissolved Hydrogen (H2) Meter ENH-1000 (Stop now) 

■ Measuring Object: Dissolved hydrogen in the dissolved
■ Measurement System: Hydrogen reduction System
■ Measurement range: 0~2.00ppm / 0~2000ppb
■ Margin for error: ±10%
■ Unit: 0.001ppm/1ppb
■ Battery: AAA cell battery x 4 (not include)
■ Size: body 195 x 40 x 36mm; Case 230 x 205 x 50mm
■ Weight: 135g (including batteries)


Portable Dissolved Hydrogen (H2) Meter ENH-2000 (ENH-1000 Upgrade Model)

1. Measurement System: Dissolved Hydrogen (Molecular Hydrogen)
2. Measurement range: 0~3.00ppm / 0~3000ppb
3. Margin for error: ±5ppb
4. Measurement unit: 0.001ppm / 1ppb
5. Battery: CR2032 x 4
6. Dimensions: Meter Body: 170 x 40 x 36mm; Carrying Case 205 x 155 x 45mm
7. Weight: 102g (including batteries)

Shopping Instructions:
1. Please make sure the shipping address is correct, with tel number, receiver full name. 
2. For help please add WhatsApp +86-133-95322552, Skype: wtlead, E-Mail:, Wechat: 13395322552
3. We send by FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS ect. Special instructions please leave message.
4. Standard packing inside with storage liquid (KCl liquid), this is only for storage, when testing no need this. Due to air shipment control, some countries liquid is forbidden to send, so we have to remove it. For storage can replace by 7.00 or 4.00 ph buffer solution, or even by tap water, but not use distilled water.


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