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Grains Moisture Meter TK25G

Grains Moisture Meter TK25G

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The Grain Moisture Meter TK25G is used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture in the process of allotment, acquisition, storage, machining of packed grains, Barley, Corn, Hay, Oats, Rapeseed, Rough Rice, Sorghum, Soybeans and Wheat .
1. Display:4 digital LCD 
2. Measuring range: 7%-28% 
3. Temperature: 0-60°C;Humidity: 5%-90% 
4. Resolution: 0.1 
5. Accuracy: ± 0.5%n 
6. Operation: Electrical Resistance Method, Automatic temperature Compensation 
7. Power supply: 4×1.5 AAA size (UM-4) battery
8. Dimensions: 460mm×75mm×35mm 
9. Weight:203g (not including batteries)
10. Grain:25 Kinds


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