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Grains Moisture Meter WILE 65

Grains Moisture Meter WILE 65

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Grains Moisture Meter WILE 65

Wile 65 pre-programmed with 16 grains:

1. Soft wheat;  2. Hard wheat;  3. Rice; 4. Paddy rice;  5. Corn;  6. Wet corn;  7. Barley;  8. Cottonseed; 9. Sunflower;  10. Peanut;  11. Wheat flour; 12. Mung bean; 13. Soybean; 14. Sorghum; 15. Sesame; 16. Rapeseed 
Technical Data
1. Microprocessors-controlled measurement of whole grain, kernels & seeds
2. Alphanumeric display in user’s own language
3. External temperature probe Wile-651 as an option
4. Moisture % for 16 grains and seeds
5. Wide range of moisture: Grain 8…35%, Oil Seeds 5…25%
6. Accuracy: ±0,5% moisture at storage condition
7. User can adjust calibration to “match” commercial meter
8. Automatic temperature compensation
9. Stores test results and displays average reading
Quick and easy to us.
Measurement with the Wile 65 is simple and fast. The meter is operated with the use of two buttons and it has an easy to read display that guides you while doing the measurements. The display shows the grain type and helps you make the possible settings before measurement. A quick reference guide is located on the side of the meter to remind you of the basic steps in measuring grain.
The meter is ready for measurement after the correct grain type is selected. Measurement is done by simply filling the test cell with grain, compressing it by the help of the cap of the meter and pressing the test button. Testing is extremely quick and easy. The Wile 65 always shows the temperature of the grain sample and it has an outlet for the additional external temperature probe (W-651) 
that can be used for various temperature measurements from grain, silage, compost and other substances. When using the external temperature probe the result is shown in large numbers on the display.


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