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GS100 Serials Portable Ozone Test Meter

GS100 Serials Portable Ozone Test Meter

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Portable Ozone Test Meter GS100 Serials

1. Test gas in the office, workshop, train, bus, mine, mountain, vessel cabinet ect.
2. With backlight, alarm with light vibration and sound. 
3. 1800mA rechargeable battery. 
4. High accuracy, high resolution and easy operation. 
5. Sensor changeable
6. Automatic Temperature Compensation in full range. 
7. Large test range up to 0-50000ppm or 0-100% Vol. 
8. Explosion-proof grade: Exia ll CT6 and Protection grade: IP65
Order Information:
Model: GS100-O31
1. Range: 0-1ppm
2. Resolution: 0.001ppm
3. Model & Range: GS100-O32, 0-10ppm; GS100-O33 0-20ppm; GS100-O35 0-50ppm; GS100-O36 0~100ppm
4. Resolution: 0.01ppm

1. House Materials: ABS

2. Accuracy: +-3% F.S.
3. Alarm method: light, sound and vibration
4. Working Temperature: -40°C ~ 70°C, 0-95%RH
5. Test Method: pump inhale
6. Power: 1800mA rechargeable battery, 3.6VDC
7. Weight: 200g;  Size: 125x52x30mm

8. Response Time: 30s max
9. Others available gas: All


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