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GSM/GPRS Temperature and Humidity Data logger R90G serials

GSM/GPRS Temperature and Humidity Data logger R90G serials



GSM serials temperature humidity data logger can upload automatically the real-time temperature and humidity to user’s PC via GPRS network and users can download all data remotely with our software. It also can send SMS alarm message to user’s mobile phone once the setting limits being exceeded, users can dial the SIM card number anytime anywhere to get the SMS feedback of knowing real-time temperature and humidity values.
1.Easy to use and large LCD display.  
2.Wireless transmission, effective, safe and stable.
3.Lock and unlock with buttons manually.  
4.Rechargeable battery and data stored still even power failure. 
5.USB port connection to PC and powerful software to finish setup easily. 
6.Build in sound and light alarm and SMS alarm once limits exceeded. 
GSM/GPRS series has been widely applied in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, transportation industry, cold chain fields, agricultural field, warehouse, machine room, museum and laboratory ect.
Model R90G-1 R90G-2 R90G-3 R90G-4
Humidity Range 0-100% RH —–
Accuracy ±3% RH —–
Resolution 0.1% RH —–
Temperature Range -20~70ºC -40~100ºC -40~125ºC
Accuracy ±0.3ºC   ±0.5ºC
Resolution 0.1ºC
Sensor Location Internal External External 2 x External
Capacity 65000
Sample Rate 1s~24h
Power Supply 2600mA Rechargeable battery, 5V 1A adapter
Dimensions 140x76x28mm
Weight 180g
Customization Demands Accuracy, external sensor length, recording capacity


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