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GY-1,GY-2,GY-3 Analog Fruits Hardness Tester,Penetrometer,Sclerometer

GY-1,GY-2,GY-3 Analog Fruits Hardness Tester,Penetrometer,Sclerometer

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Fruits Hardness Tester,Penetrometer,Sclerometer
GY Series fruit penetrometer with 3 models: GY-1, GY-2, GY-3, which special for inspecting the hardness of the fruits, such as apple, pear, strawberry, grape and so on. Judging the harness and mature of the fruits will good for breed, deposited, export, transport, machining etc.They are wildely used for fruit research department, fruit company, fruit farm, college and so on.

Model: GY-1 GY-2 GY-3
Range: kg/cm2 2~15 0.5~4 0.5~12 1~24
Head Dia. 3.5mm 3.5mm 11mm 8mm
Resolution: 0.1 0.02 0.1 0.2
Stoke: 10mm
Dimension: 140*60*30mm
weight: 0.5kgs


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