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Handheld Rechargeable UV LED Lamp

Handheld Rechargeable UV LED Lamp

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Handheld Rechargeable UV LED Lamp

Product Information: 
Power energy saving of only 9VA; The average service life the light source-30000h; The content of UV-B is 0;5-6 hours of battery life; External without wiring; Quartz and optical glass module, non PMMA material, excellent weather resistance. Continuous working outside surface temperature<5K(5C)
Model: UVL-40; UVL-80; UVL-100
Specifications: UV intensity: 4000/8000/10000uw/cm2 at 15 inch(at380mm)
Color: Black

Form : Handheld type
UV (Light)-FLUX  Room temperalure 25ºC; 380mm calibration : UVL-40:4000uW/cm2; UVL-80:8000uW/cm2; Light: Max 1500LUX; UVL-100: 10000uW/cm2; Light: Max: 1500LUX
The effective coverage area  380mm calibration : Diameter of about 200mm
Wavelength : Room temperature: 25ºC; 365nm±3nm (UVA)
FLUX Error  : 0-40ºC ±10%
The light distribution characteristic The light distribution center : Power source AC100-240V  50/60Hz
Power UV LED-9VA Light-3VA : Overall dimensions 203mm(W) *110mm(D) *220mm(H)
Weight :  995g
The charging time : 3-4H
Battery capacity : 5800mA/H12.6V
Battery life (total time) : UV LED: 4-5H or Light 16H


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