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Hollow Cathode Lamps THC1 Serials

Hollow Cathode Lamps THC1 Serials

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Hollow Cathode Lamps THC1 Serials


Our HCL can be used on Atomic Absorption Spectrometers (AAS) manufactured by Perkin-Elmer (PE), Varian (VA), THERMO (TM), GBC (GB), Hitachi (HT), Shimadzu (SM), BUCK Scientific (BS), PG Instrument (PG), Rayleigh (RY), etc. 
Every lamp is covered by a standard 1-year limited warranty. Usually, each regular element lamp carries 5000mA-Hour warranty, such as Cu, Ni, Ca, Mg, etc., each volatile element lamp carries 3000mA-Hour warranty, such as As, Se, Sb, Bi, Pb, CD, etc.
Order Number: THC1-(Element)-AAS Brand, for example model number THC1-CA-PE. means lamp is Element Calcium for Perkin-Elmer (PE) AAS. 


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