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HP Serials Force Gauge

HP Serials Force Gauge

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HP Serials Force Gauge

Function & Specification : 
High accuracy & high resolution; 
Having 5 kinds of test modes, 3 kinds of display usages for selection; 
Units : N, Kg and I bf for your selection, which can make conversion each; 
Function of reset the acceleration of gravity; 
Peak hold function; 
Peak automatic clearance function;
Set the tolerance limit (Max/Min);
Super memory function – deposit 888 test values.
Automatic power off function ;
With 2 sets of different installation size;
LCD screen turn direction function ;
Inductive background light;
RS-232 output;
a. match a free software for analysis ( without graph).
b. match a synchronous test software ( software is optional ), it can connect to PC to get synchronous graph, and also can reserve ,print, analysis, and so on.

Model: HP-2 HP-3 HP-5 HP-10 HP-20 HP-30 HP-50 HP-100 HP-200 HP-300 HP-500 HP-1K
Capacity: 2N 3N 5N 10N 20N 30N 50N 100N 200N 300N 500N 1000N
Resolution: 0.001N 0.001N 0.001N 0.01N 0.01N 0.01N 0.01N 0.01N 0.01N 0.01N 0.01N 1N
Sensor: Sensor Inside
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Dimension: 230x66x36mm


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