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HT-10 (934-1),HT-11,HT-12 Barcol Hardness Tester,Barcol Impressor

HT-10 (934-1),HT-11,HT-12 Barcol Hardness Tester,Barcol Impressor

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HT-10,11,12 Barcol Hardness Tester, Barcol Impressor

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HT-10 (934-1): For Aluminum, Aluminum alloys, Copper, Copper alloys, Fiber Reinforced Plastics and rigid plastics etc.
HT-11 (935): For soft metals such as Lead and Tin; soft plastics etc.
HT-12 (936): For Rubber, felt and leather etc.
1. Barcol Impressor is a kind of indention hardness tester. It uses a special shape indenter impressed into the specimen by a standard string pressure and measures the indentation depth to obtain hardness value. 
2. Barcol Impressor is mainly applied in two areas: One is Aluminum fabrication industry, to test pure Aluminum, soft Aluminum alloys, thick Aluminum alloys, Aluminum belts, and Aluminum alloys extrusions, bars, castings, forgings and assembled Aluminum alloys parts (e.g. aluminum-alloy door & window, curtain wall etc.) Relevant standard is American standard ASTM B648-00 (Test Method for Indentation Hardness of Aluminum Alloys by Means of a Barcol Impressor); the other is Fiber Reinforced Plastics industry, most Fiber Reinforced Plastics products are required to test Barcol hardness. Relevant Standard is American standard ASTM D2583-07 (Test Method for Indentation Hardness of Rigid Plastics by Means of a Barcol Impressor).
1.Easy to Use: Single hand operation; easy to use high efficiency able to make test at any site.
2.High Sensitivity: Barcol Impressor has 100 graduations. Its sensitivity is much higher than the Webster hardness tester.
3.Wide Testing Range: Used to test from very soft pure aluminum to very hard aluminum alloys.
4.Less Thickness Requirement: It can test on any workpieces with thickness more than 0.8mm.
5.No Supporting Required: It can test from only one side of the workpiece. It is unnecessary to move or support the workpiece. It is used to test very large and thick workpieces and assembly parts.
6.Easy Conversion: The test results can be converted to HB, HR, HV and HW easily through the conversion table.
7.High Quality Indenter: The indenter has very high hardness, long service life and good interchangeability
Technical Parameter:
1. Testing Range: 0 ~ 100HBa (equivalent to 25 ~ 145HBW)
2. Resolution: 0.5HBa
3. Indication Error: ±2HBa (42 ~ 48HBa); ±1HBa (81 ~ 88HBa)
4. Repeatability Error: ±2HBa (42 ~ 48HBa); ±1HBa (81 ~ 88HBa)
5. Net Weight: 0.5 kg

Standard Assembly
1. 2 Spare indenters
2. Standard hardness block (high)
3. Standard hardness block (low)
4. Calibration wrench
5. Leg
6. Carrying case

Optional Accessories
1. Spare indenters
2. Standard hardness block (high / low)
3. Dial glass
4. Flat leg


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