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Insulation Tester AMF082

Insulation Tester AMF082



Insulation Tester AMF082
1. Rated Voltage: 250V/500V/1000V/2500V
2. TestingRange: 250V: 0.0~499MΩ; 500V: 0.0~999MΩ; 1000V: 0.0~1.99GΩ; 2500V: 0.0~99.9GΩ
3. Accuracy: ±5%
4. DC/AC Testing: 30~600V
5. Resolution: 1.0V
6. Overload Protection: AC1200V/10s
7. Withstand Voltage: AC8320V/5s
8. Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩ/DC1000V
9. Short Circuit Current: 1.3mA
10. Operation Voltage: 12V
11. Power: 8×1.5V LR14 Battery
12. Unit size: 153*96*220mm
13. Standard Quantity Per Carton: 3PCS
14. Standard Carton Size: 44.5*33.0*28.5CM
15. Standard Carton Gross Weight: 7.2KG


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