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KL-986 ORP/Redox Tester

KL-986 ORP/Redox Tester

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KL-986 ORP/Redox Tester

Product description : 
Redox is the measurement of Oxidation Reduction Potential. 
The KELILONG Redox is specially designed for use in 
swimming pools and spa as indicatior of the sanitizing 
power of chlorine disinfectant.
Use in aquarium as indicator of water quality. Water with a 
high Redox potential is of high quality, containing much 
surplus oxygen and complete mineralized of all organic
 waste material.
For vegetable, food disinfection process, KELILONG Redox 
can be used to check cleaning water’s sanitizing power to 
remove ecoli and harmful bacteria. 
1. Waterproof design, IP55. 
It is splash proof and it floats on water. 
2. LCD with backlit Function
Easy reading in a dark environmental 
3. Low battery alert Function
The meter is supplied with BEPS (Battery Error Preventing 
System) which avoids any erroneous reading due to low 
battery level, by switching the meter off. 
4. Hold Function 
Able to freeze display for ease of reading and recording. 


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