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Lab Bench pH/mV/Temp Meter AMT620

Lab Bench pH/mV/Temp Meter AMT620

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Lab Bench pH/mV/Temp Meter AMT620


1. Auto/Manual pH Temperature Compensation
2. pH temperature compensation status auto estimation
3. pH electrode performance auto estimation
4. Auto ending
5. Complete GLP function
6. RS232 data communication port
7. Adapt to combined ph electrode with Pt1000/NTC30kΩ temperature sensor
1. Range: pH: 0.00~14.00; mV: -2000 ~ +2000; °C: -5.0 ~ 105.0
2. Accuracy: pH: 0.01; mV: 0.1%; °C: 0.5
3. ATC Method: Manual/Auto
4. ATC Range: 0.0~100.0°C
5. Calibration Method: 1/2/3 points
6. Auto Ending: yes
7. pH Sensor Status: yes
8. Clock (GLP): yes
9. Data Capacity: 64groups
10. Saving Content (GLP): number, measurement data, time, value, Temp, MTC/ATC
11. Sensor Data Saving Content (GLP): sensor calibration date, time, method, ph buffer temp, TC method, sensor zero point, slope
12. Dimensions: 200 x160 x 55mm
13. Power: DC9V (AV Adaptor)


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