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LPDV-1 / RPDV-1 / HPDV-1 Portable Digital Viscometer

LPDV-1 / RPDV-1 / HPDV-1 Portable Digital Viscometer

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LPDV-1 / RPDV-1 / HPDV-1 Portable Digital Viscometer

1. Microcomputer control technology, user-friendly interface
2. Brand new humanized design, simple operation, precise and rapid measurement
3. With full scale, each block of linearity measurement correction
4. Newly design, LCD display
5. Non-slip handle design, over-range alarm
6. The screen directly displays temperature, viscosity, speed, percentage torque, spindle number and maximum viscosity of selected spindle can be measured in the current speed
7. Unique structure designed to ensure the service life and measurement accuracy
8. AC and DC power design, lithium battery-powered continuous measurement of 8 hours without charging
1. Printing ink, glue water, latex, solvent adhesive
2. Polymer solution, oil, Paints and Coatings, solvent
3. Cosmetic, Dairy Products, Pharmaceuticals, fruit juice
Technical Data:
1. Range (mPa.s): 25~150000 or 50~300000 or 200~1200000, when order please choose
2. RPM: 60,100,150,200
3. Spindles: B1,B2,B3,B4
4. Accuracy: ±2.0% F.S.
5. Repeatability: 1.0%


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