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LTTS Digital Wire Tension Meter

LTTS Digital Wire Tension Meter

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LTTS Digital Wire Tension Meter

The LTTS Digital Tension Meter is a hand-held device which accurately measures the running as well as statictensions of a wide variety of process materials including yarns, fibers, wires, optical fibers ect.

1. It employs the ‘three-roller principle’ of tension test.
2. High accuracy and high resolution.
3. Power is supplied by 4xAAA alkaline battery.
4. With 4 measurement unit for selection, N, kg, lb, g.
5. Current Value, Max. Value, Peak Value, Min Valuevcan be displayed at the same time.
6. With 10 minutes auto power off and manual power off.
7. The Meter takes 62 tension measurements per second and displays the average of these measurements.
8. With data output, by USB cable or Bluetooth adapter.


1. Unit: Kgf, gf, N, Lbf
2. Measuring Principle: Strain gauge
3. Measuring Frequency: 16 m/sec (62.5 samples / sec)
4. Sensing Roller: Deflection of Sensing Roller ( max. ) 0.2mm
5. Overload Capacity: 150% of Full Scale
6. Temperature Coefficient:  Zero: less than ±0.3% FS/°C; Span: less than ±0.01% FS/°C
7. Display: Blue Back light LCD
8. Display Update Rate: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 or 4.0 seconds, selectable
9. Memory System: Current Value, Max. Value, Peak Value, Min Value
10. Overrange Indicator: Buzzer Alarm
11. Power Off: 10 Minutes Auto, Manual
12. Data Output: USB, Bluetooth (Optional)
13. Roller Material: Stainless Steel (Standard); Plastic (Optional)
14. Maximum Speed: 2000m/min
15. Power Supply: 4 x 1.5 AAA (UM-4) Battery
16. Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C
17. Operation Humidity: <80%
18. Weight: 400g
19. Size: Main Unit: 149 x 70 x 30mm; Sensor: 102 x 81 x 34mm
Tension Range 0~0.2kgf 0~0.5kgf 0~1.0kgf 0~2.0kgf 0~5.0kgf 0~10.0kgf 0~20.0kgf 0~50.0kgf
0~200gf 0~500gf 0~1000gf 0~2000gf 0~5000gf      
0~1.96N 0~4.9N 0~9.8N 0~19.6N 0~49N 0~98N 0~196N 0~490N
0~0.44Lbf 0~1.1Lbf 0~2.2Lbf 0~4.4Lbf 0~11Lbf 0~22Lbf 0~44Lbf 0~110Lbf
Resolution 0.001kgf 0.001kgf 0.001kgf 0.001kgf 0.01kgf 0.01kgf 0.01kgf 0.01kgf
1gf 1gf 1gf 1gf 1gf      
0.001N 0.001N 0.001N 0.01N 0.01N 0.01N 0.01N 0.01N
0.001Lbf 0.001Lbf 0.001Lbf 0.001Lbf 0.01Lbf 0.1Lbf 0.1Lbf 0.1Lbf
Accuracy ±1.0% or better ±1.5% or better


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