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MC-15 Mini High-Speed Centrifuge

MC-15 Mini High-Speed Centrifuge

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MC-15 Mini High-Speed Centrifuge
Product description: 
The miniature high-speed centrifuge MC-15 is compact designed. It is streamline elegant and small size. With variable frequency motor, MC-15 has excellent acceleration to achieve target speed / stop to save time.
1. Compact and small size, save space.
2. Variable frequency motor for excellent acceleration.
3. High speed with low noise.
4. Highlight LCD displays speed and time.
5. Rotor is made of aluminum alloy, chemical attack resistant, accept dry heat sterilization.
6. Short Key makes “touch to operate” easy and convenient.
7. Excellent fluid air exchange technology. The unique three air flues design utmost lower the temperature rising. Protect temperature sensitivity samples.
8. Self-locking function, save and reliable.
9. Aluminum rotor and plastic rotor for optional. Aluminum rotor can bear heat disinfection. Plastic acceleration speed is faster than aluminum rotor.
Type MC-15
Speed Range 100 ~15000rpm(step:100rpm)
Max. RCF 15000xg
Max. Capacity 2ml/1.5ml×12
Time Setting Range 20sec ~99min
Time to Achieve Max. Speed 15s
Time from Max. Speed to Stop 15s
Motor Variable Frequency Motor
Safety Performance Self-locking, Over-speed, Over-temperature、State Diagnosis System
Other Function Speed/RCF Exchanging, Touch to Operate, Operating Status Display, BUZZEE
Voltage 220-230V/110-120V, 50-60Hz
Power 105W
Dimension (LxWxH) 240mmx220mmx145mm
Net Weight 5.1kgs


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