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MC-7825G Digital Grain Moisture Meter

MC-7825G Digital Grain Moisture Meter

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MC-7825G Digital Grain Moisture Meter


1. Able to measure grains up to 22 species.
2. The cup type measurement causes small error. 
3. Wide measuring range. 
4. With storage and statistical functions. Can store 240 groups of measurements.
5. Two presentations, digital display and color coded LED indication.
6. Use the exclusive Micro-computer LSI circuit and crystal time base to offer high accuracy measurement. It can obtain automatically the temperature corrected moisture value.
7. Use USB/RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
8. Provide Bluetooth data output choice.
1. Measuring range: please see the table below
2. Resolution: 0.1
3. Display: LCD display
4. Accuracy: ±(0.5%n+0.1)
5. PC interface: RS232C (Software & communicating cable are optional)
6. Auto power off
7. Power supply: 4×1.5V AAA (UM-4) battery
8. Battery indicator: low battery indicator
9. Dimensions: 165x62x26mm
10. Weight (not including probe):119g 

Test code and grain species:

Cd01: Wheet / Rye (Whole) 7~31
Cd02: Wheet / Rye (Ground) 7~29
Cd03: Paddy (Whole) 7~29
Cd04: Paddy (Ground) 7~26
Cd05: Rice (Milled)  7~29
Cd06: Semolia  7~25
Cd07: Maize / Corn (Whole)  7~27
Cd08: Maize / Corn (Ground)  7~26
Cd09: Soya Beans (Whole)  6~28
Cd10: Soya Beans (Ground)  5~22
Cd11: Barley Oats (Whole)  7~34
Cd12: Barley Oats (Ground)  7~29
Cd13: Coffe (Whole)  7~31
Cd14: Coffee (Ground)  7~26
Cd15: Coffee Green (Ground)  7~27
Cd16: Cocoa Beans (Whole)  4~13
Cd17: Linseed (Whole)  6~21
Cd18: Lentils (Ground / Whole)  7~21
Cd19: Oilseed Rape (Ground)  5~26
Cd20: Mustard Seed (Whole)  7~21
Cd21: Sorghum / Milo (Whole)  7~28
Cd22: Sorghum / Milo (Ground)  7~26
Cd23: Sunflower Seed (Whole)  5~25
Cd24: Sugarbeet Seed (Whole)  6~20
Cd25: Flax (Whole)  5~21
Cd26: Peas (Progreta) (Ground)  7~27
Cd27: Peas (Ground)  7~30
Cd28: Ground Nuts Hulled (Whole) 5~13
Cd29: Grass Seed / Rye Grass (Whole)  7~28
Cd30: Grass Seed / Cocksfoot (Whole)  6~23
Cd31: Four / Soft Wheat 7~29
Cd32: Clover / White Seed (Whole)  6~24
Cd33: Clover / Red lucerne Seed (Whole)  6~22
Cd34: Buckwheat (Ground)  7~29
Cd35: Brassicas / Brussels Sprout (Whole/Ground)  5~15
Cd36: Beans / Tic /Winter (Ground)  7~25


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