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MCT-3 Digital Paper Moisture Meter

MCT-3 Digital Paper Moisture Meter

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MCT-3 Digital Paper Moisture Meter

MCT-3 Moisture meter for paper is a high-performance digital moisture testing equipment. The instrument is widely used in printing, paper factory, carton factory, newspaper and other industries requiring quick measurement of moisture. Small volume and light weight of the instrument enable the workers to carry it conveniently and conduct on-site measurement quickly. Thus, it is of great help for the on-site workers in moisture measurement.
1). Scope of Moisture Measurement: 0~40%
2). Applicable temperature: -5℃ ~ +60℃
3). Preciseness: ±0.5%
4). Response time: 1 second
5). Ways of display: 3½ bit digital LCD screen
6). Scanning depth of electromagnetic wave: 50mm
7). Gear shift: 0~10
8). Power supply: 9V(6F22 type)
9). Volume: 160×60×27mm
10).Weight: about 200g
6 Kinds of Paper:
Code 1: Coated paper, printing paper, copy paper, fax paper
Code 2: Newspaper, White board paper
Code 3: Corrugated paper, Kraft paper
Code 4: Paper below 50g/M²
Code 5: Pulp board
Code 6: Cartons, Corrugated paper board


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