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MK2000HL Dry Bath Incubator

MK2000HL Dry Bath Incubator

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Dry Bath Incubator MK2000HL

MK2000-2HL dry bath incubator applies the thermal cycle’s heating lid technology, Unique dual block design operates via touch screen
which is the most advanced and luxury dry block heating product in the world.
1. Touch screen allows for easy to read and easy programming and easy to use
2. Exceptional temperature uniformity and accuracy
3. Wide range of interchangeable aluminium blocks, blocks are accessories for all applications
4. Block extraction tool is supplied, allowing blocks to be removed easily
5. Blocks as accessories for all applications — tubes, vials and microplates
6. Auto-stop and sound-alert after program completed
7. Touch screen allows for easy to read and easy programming and easy to use
8. Hold a heating lid, 60 user programmable settings
9. Programmable system, program link functions, it can be runned some simple PCR tests



    Code           Type     Description
AS-01181-01  BH-01  96×0.2ml
AS-01181-02  BH-02  45×0.5ml
AS-01181-03  BH-03  35×1.5ml
AS-01181-04  BH-04  35×2.0ml
AS-01181-05  BH-05  15×0.5ml+20×1.5ml
AS-01181-06  BH-06  20×1.5ml+15×2.0ml
AS-01181-07  BH-07  32×0.2ml+22×0.5ml+9×1.5ml
AS-01181-08  BH-08  20×5.0ml tubes
AS-01181-12  BH-12  96×0.2ml Elisa plate or 4 slides
AS-01181-13  BH-13  Solid block (no holes)
AS-01181-14  BH-14  384 well PCR Plate
AS-01181-28  T4        Block extraction tool
AS-01211-01  L4        Stainless plate
Temperature Control Range RT.+5°C~100°C
Timing Range 1min-99h59min
Uniformity: within one block@37°C ±0.2°C
across similiar blocks @37°C ±0.3°C
Temp. stability @ 100°C ≤0.5°C
Display Accuracy 0.1°C
Block quantity 2
Heating Time(25°C to 100°C) ≤20min
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 420x225x145
Net Weight 5.5kg


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