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MR-110 Surface Roughness Tester

MR-110 Surface Roughness Tester

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Surface Roughness Tester MR-110

1. The roughness of metal and non-metallic surface
2. Pocket-size & economically price
3. Large measuring range suitable for most materials
4. Features external calibration at keyboard
5. Optimized electric circuit design with transducer structure-design, high integrate power, driver and display. 
6. Select freely with Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt parameters.
7. It could test ex-circle, flat surface, conical surface and also test groove with length and width larger than80*30mm
1. Testing parameters (µm): Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt
2. Stroke length (mm): 6
3. Sample length (mm): 0.25, 0.80, 2.50
4. Evaluation length (mm): 1.25,4.0 
5. Measuring range (µm) Ra: 0.05 ~ 10.0; Rz: 0.1 ~ 50
6. Error: ±15%
7. Variability:<12%
8. Transducer contacting pin round diameter and angle:
9. Contacting pin round diameter: 10µm±1µm
10. Battery: 3.7V Li
11. Size: 106 mm×70 mm×24 mm
12. Weight: 200g
13. Sensor needle static force and its rate of change: Stylus static force: ≤ 0.016N; Force measuring rate of change: ≤ 800N/m
14.Working conditions: Temperature:-20℃~40℃; Relative humidity: <90%


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