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MS-100/MSC-100 Thermo Shaker Incubator

MS-100/MSC-100 Thermo Shaker Incubator

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Thermo Shaker Incubator MS-100 / MSC-100

Designed for simultaneous heating, cooling and mixing of small samples, MS-100 and MSC-100 can be supplied with interchangeable blocks for microtubes. Mixing, heating and cooling modes can be used either simultaneously or independently. The main body of the Mixing Block can be used with different kinds of blocks
1. LCD display. It is easy to set up and use
2. Accurately control and display time, temperature and speed
3. Over-heating protection device ensures safety & reliability
4. Low noise working even under the speed of 1,500rpm
5. Conforms to CE safety standard
6. Peltier design of MSC-100 provides thermal control in a compact unit
7. Easy to replace the metal blocks and is very simple to clean and sterilize




Temperature Control Range


Temperature Setting Range  5°C~100°C 2mm
Timer 1min~99h59min 1min~99h59min
Temp. Control Accuracy ±0.5°C ±0.5°C
Display Accuracy ±0.1°C ±0.1°C
Mixing Speed 200~1500rpm* 200~1500rpm
Heating Time(25 to 100°C)  ≤12min  ≤15min
Cooling Time —-
≤30min (from RT. to RT.-20°C)
 ≤15min (from 100°C to 20°C)
Mixing Orbit  2mm  2mm
Dimension(mm) 300 x 220 x 175 300 x 220 x 175
Net Weight 7kg 7kg
Code Description
AS-02010-00 MS-100 AC220V or AC120V, 50/60Hz, 150W
AS-02020-00 MSC-100 AC220V or AC120V, 50/60Hz, 250W
Code Type Description Max. Temp. Max. Speed
AS-01051-01 A 96×0.2ml tubes 100°C 1500rpm
AS-01051-02 B 54×0.5ml tubes 100°C 1500rpm
AS-01051-03 C 35×1.5ml tubes 100°C 1500rpm
AS-01051-04 D 35×2.0ml tubes 100°C 1500rpm
AS-01051-05 E 15×0.5ml+20×1.5ml tubes 100°C 1500rpm
AS-01051-06 F 24xDiameter≤12mm tubes 100°C 1200rpm
AS-01051-07 G 12x15ml Falcon 100°C 750rpm
AS-01051-08 H 6x50ml Falcon 100°C 750rpm
AS-01051-09 I 103x67x30mm Bath Block 100°C 1500rpm
AS-01051-10 J 96×0.2ml Microplate 100°C 1500rpm
AS-01051-11 K 24x5ml tubes 100°C 1200rpm
AS-01051-12 L 96-Deep well plate 80°C 800rpm
AS-01051-13 M 15x5ml Eppendorf tubes 100°C 1200rpm


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