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N-200M Biological Microscope

N-200M Biological Microscope

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N-200M Biological Microscope

With excellent optical system and reliable structure, it makes the image much sharper, and the operation easier. With wide range of accessories [e.g. dark field, phase contrast, epi-fluorescent] and advances to expand the application scope of the N-200M, the versatility of the microscope provides More Microscopy for you.
Big Operating Space with Backward Nosepiece, Sharp Image with High Quality Objectives
Easier Comparing Test with Dual Slides Finger of Mechanical Stage
Comfortable Handling with Precise Focusing System

Viewing Head Compensation Free Binocular Head, Inclined at 30°
Compensation Free Trinocular Head, Inclined at 30°
Monocular Head, Inclined at 30°
Eyepiece Wide Field Eyepiece WF10×/ 18
Wide Field Eyepiece WF16×/ 11
Objective Semi-plan Achromatic Objective 4×, 10×, 40×, 100×
Plan Achromatic Objective 4×, 10×, 20×, 40×, 60×, 100×
Nosepiece Backward Quadruple Nosepiece
Quintuple Nosepiece
Stage Double Layers Mechanical Stage 140×140mm/ 75×50mm
Condenser NA 1.25 Abbe Condenser with lris Diaphragm and Filter
Illumination Halogen Lamp 6V/ 20W, Brightness Adjustable
Kohler Illumination
Filter Blue Filter
Green Filter
Polarization Set Simple Polarization Set
Phase Contrast Kit Simple Phase Contrast Kit
Sliding Phase Contrast Kit
Turret Phase Contrast Kit
Dark Field Attachment Dark Field Condenser (Dry) NA 0.9
Dark Field Condenser (Oil) NA 1.25-1.36
Epi-fluorescent Attachment  
Pointer Green LED Pointer System
Note: ●Standard Outfit, ○Optional


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