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ND9B-2 Sound Level Calibrator

ND9B-2 Sound Level Calibrator

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Sound Level Calibrator ND9B-2

* Handy sound source for quick and easy calibration of sound  level meters and sound measuring systems.
* The Calibrator employs solid state integrated circuitry that provides accurate and stable performance. 
* Sensitivity calibration of microphones. 
* Suitable for field and laboratory use. 

1. Standards: GB/T15173, ANSI S1.40 CLASS2, IEC942
2. Sound Pressure Level: 94dB; 114dB
3. Accuracy: 0.3dB
4. Frequency: 1000Hz
5. Cailbration Of Microphones: 1’’,1/2’’
6. Power Supply: 1x9V 6F22 Battery
7. Dimensions: 142x47x47mm
8. Weight: 275g (Including Battery)


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