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NF-1302 Network Toolkit

NF-1302 Network Toolkit

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NF-1302 Network Toolkit

Carry Bag 1pc   Cat5E Module Plug 10pcs
Network Crimping Tool 1pc   8P Extender Adapter 1pc
4-in-1 Cable Tester 1pc   8P Extender Plug with 2 ports  1pc
Cable Stripper  1pc   Mini Storage Box 1pc
Mini Wire Stripper 1pc   9V Battery 1pc
6〃Diagonal Pliers 1pc   Cable Tie  20pcs
CAT5 Plug Protector  25pcs   Mark Pen 1pc
6P/6C RJ11 Module Plug 15pcs   Utility Knife 18mm 1pc


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