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NF-707 CCTV Tester

NF-707 CCTV Tester

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NF-707 CCTV Tester

Main Features:
1. SD video formats NTSC/PAL Automatically adapt and display formats.
2. PTZ control . Pan/tilts the P/T unit, zooms in/out the lens,adjust the focus, aperture and sets and call the preset position.
3. Video signal analysis, by analyzing the sync level measure video signal amplitude attenuation.
4. Input Audio signal,test pickups and microphone audio signal.
5. The PAL/NTSC multi-system color bar video generator
6. 485 Control Interface .Support Baud Rates with 2400/ 4800/ 9600 .
7. Multi-Protocol . Support more than 20 kinds PTZ protocol, such as PELCD-D, PELCD-P,SAMSUNG,MINKING etc .
8. Date analyst. Captures and analyzes RS 485 controlling date to help the technician to find out the problem.
9. Optical power meter bulit-in to check the fiber loss.
10. Check open,short,cross reverse wiremap for RJ45 and BNC cable, results shows on the display.
11. Trace and locate RJ45 BNC and other metal cables.
12. Test cables when open circuit . Measure cable length for BNC.Max length 620m .
1. Chinese and English can be selected.
2. 3.5 TFT-LCD,960(H) x 240(V) resolution
3. TFT-LCD Screen brightness, contrast, color saturation is adjustable
4. Anti-jamming ,free noise ,capable of working in the exchanger and PC startup .
5. Locate breakage point accurately.
6. Low battery alarm function: when main voltage <3.4v or Receiver voltage <6v.
7. Function of storage and memory .
8. Large-capacity high-performance lithium battery-powered, rechargeable.


Category Discription
Video Test Signal Mode NTSC/PAL automatically suitable
Display 3.5 inch TFT LCD color screen,960×240 resolution
Analog Video Input Analog Video Input
Video Output Video Signal Output
PTZ Control and Test Communication RS485
protocol Include PELCD-D, PELCD-P,SAMSUNG,MINKING 20 kinds of protocols or customized
Baud Rate 2400 /4800/ 9600
12 V power output Output voltage DC12 V
Output current Max:1000mA
Other Function    
Video Signal Independently output 1channel analog video signal
Cable test Check cable open,short, cross connection
Hunting test Hunting the target cable even in lots of unknown cables
Measurement cable length Measurement cable length when open
Fiber Test Insertion loss test of optical devices
RS485protocol test Test the RS485 data sent from controlling device
Signal Generating Output 1channel video signal for testing monitor
Others The power converter DC5V/1A
Battery 3000mAh rechargeableLarge capacity lithium batteryinside
Work Temperature 30°c ­70°c
Work Humidity 30%-90%
The size of Indictor and remote Indictor:206*112*49mm
The size of receiver 218*46*29mm


Emitter 1 pcs
Remote 1 pcs
silicon rubber case 1 pcs
DC5v charging & Wiring 1 pcs
3.7v lithium battery 1 pcs
9v Carbon battery 1 pcs
BNC cable 1 pcs
Audio cable 1 pcs
485 control cable 1 pcs
Hang rope 1 pcs
Camera power supply cable 1 pcs
Certificate of approval 1 pcs
User manual 1 pcs
Color box 1 pcs
Toolkit 1 pcs


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