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NF-911 3-in-1 optical multimeter

NF-911 3-in-1 optical multimeter

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NF-911 3-in-1 optical multimeter

1. Measurement of the power of optical sender (dBm and W). 
2. Insertion loss test of optical devices. 
3. Light source function
4. Check fiber breakage, winding,ect.
5. New REF user-defined.
6. FC/SC/ST general-purpose interface.
8 .wavelength:1310 / 1550nm( light source)
9. wavelegnth: 650nm (VFL)

 Model  NF-911
 Power meter  Power detecting range(dBm)  -70 ~ +10   -50 ~ +26
 Wavelenth (nm)  800-1700
 Probe  InGaAs
 Detection limit  ∮1.0mm
 Standard wavelenth  850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625nm
 Display resolution   0.01dBm
 Light source  Modulation frequencies  CW/270Hz,1KHz,2KHz
 Standard wavelenth  1310, 1550nm
 Emitter type  FP-LD
 VFL  Emmiting Energy   5mw/ 10mw/ 20mw/ 30mw selectable
 Standard wavelenth  650±10nm
   Working temp  -20 ~ +70
   Power supply  1.5V*3pcs
   Overall dimension  160x75x32mm


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