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Nitrate Tester Greentest 2, Greentest EC05F

Nitrate Tester Greentest 2, Greentest EC05F

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Nitrate Tester Greentest 2, Greentest EC05F

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Greentest 2:  Can test Vegetable + Fruits + Meat (3 in 1) 
Greentest EC05F: Can test Vegetable + Fruits + Meat + Fish + Water + Radiation  (6 in 1) 
1. Easy to use: intuitive interface
2. Portable: can put into pocket
3. Express: only 3 seconds
How it works:
1. Vegetables and fruits contains various amounts of salt ions, 98% of which are nitrate ions
2. The Greentest probe applies a precisely regulated electrical current to a fruit or vegetable specimen
3. The proprietary Greentest algorithm accurately calculates the specimen’s nitrate content by comparing its electrical conductivity against a database obtained from exhaustive mass spectrometer testing of similar specimens under laboratory conditions.
1. The range of measurement for harmful substances concentration: 30~9999mg/kg
    TDS measurement range: 0~999ppm (Greentest EC05F)
    Background radiation measurement range: 0~9.99µSv/h (Greentest EC05F) 
2. Measurement time: about 3 seconds.
3. Measurement error margin: 5~40%, typically <22.5%
4. Power source: Li-lon battery
5. Battery charge current: 250 MA
6. Additional power source: USB
7. USB charge current: 250 MA
8. Power voltage range: 5V
9. Usage time: Up to 6 hours
10. Dimensions: 122×52×14mm
11. Weight: 85g
12. TFT color display resolution: 320×240
13. Operating temperature: 0~50℃


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