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NK Serials Force Gauge

NK Serials Force Gauge

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NK Serials Force Gauge

NK series are Analog Force Gauge with compact size and high accuracy. They are easy to operate and handy to carry out. Single click on a knob on the device will convert the movement of the indication needle from the peak force indication (the needle stands still indicating peak force) to the tracking indication (the needle moves in accordance with change of force) .As two types of scales (Newton scale and kilogram scale) are available and you can choose the most suitable graduation from the range of 10N(1kgf) to 500N(50kgf) for your meadsurement purpose.
High accuracy and high resolution;
Compact size, easy to operate and handy to carry out;
Peak hole and track mode;
Two units: Newton and Kilogram;
Match to all kinds of test stand and grips;

Model: NK-10 NK-20 NK-30 NK-50 NK-100 NK-200 NK-300 NK-500
Capacity: 10N 20N 30N 50N 100N 200N 300N 500N
Resolution: 0.05N 0.1N 0.2N 0.2N 0.5N 1.0N 2.0N 2.0N
Accuracy: ±1%


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