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Online Industrial Holiday Detector N68-T

Online Industrial Holiday Detector N68-T

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1. High voltage generator adopts micro-electronics integration, anti-static-electricity condition
2. Digital display, making the output high precision
3. Automatic switch between high voltage and power voltage 
4. Opening automatic check;
5. Anti-static-electricity condition, protection of incorrect high voltage operation
Function and Application:
Holiday Detector N68-T is a high-voltage special detector that is used to detect the quality of metal anti-corrosion coating in the produce progress of metal pipelines, constructed tanks and other installations.
Principles and Methods of detection: the spark leak detector performs detection of the anti-corrosion coating by exerting a certain amount of pulse high-voltage on the surfaces of anti-corrosion coatings of various conductive matrix, and the pulse high-voltage will form air gap and breakdown, and result in spark discharge, and send a pulse signal to alarm circuit to occur sound alarm when it pass through, if the anti-corrosion coating is much thin, metal leaks or there are leakage pinholes.
1. Detector Range: (with epoxy coal tar and petroleum asphalt as medium)
2. Output Voltage: 0.5-35KV
3. Display: digital display
4. High-pressure control system: Full digital control
5. Power Consumption: <5W
6. Alarm Delay: 1-2 seconds
7. High Pressure Gun: Import High Voltage Generator
8. Package: Aluminum Box
9. Dimension of main body: 165 x 155 x 68mm
10. Weight: 1kg


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