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PH-029 Multi-point Wireless Remote Digital pH Monitor

PH-029 Multi-point Wireless Remote Digital pH Monitor

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Multi-point wireless remote digital pH monitor is the special tool for measuring water quality, which is applicable to chemical reaction pool (tower), chemical sedimentation tank (tower), the reaction kettle, the tap water pool, swimming pool, fish pond, seawater baths and etc. Wireless remote digital pH monitor is made up of the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter, Waterproof and designed to float, is placed in the tested solution in the pool, and the wireless data transmission to the receiver, people can use the receiver to observed the distance measured the PH value of the solution pool.
●Long distance monitoring pH value of solution pool
●Open distance up to 80 meters
●Waterproof transmitter
●A receiver can take up to 6 Road turns transmitter, Take turns display 6 transmitter pH value.
●Each instrument has the only address code. When multiple sets of equipment working together, 
the receiver only receives the signal from its transmitter , among different sets do not influence each other. 
1) Measuring Range: 4.1~8.8pH 
2) Resolution: 0.1pH
3) Accuracy: ±0.1pH
4) Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0~50°C
5) Calibration: 2 points with auto buffer recognition or one point with auto buffer recognition
6) Display: LED
7) Power Supply: 3×1.5V (AA Batteries)
2. Receiver
1) Display: Dual-level LCD
2) The distance range: 80 meters
3) Power Supply: DC6V
4) Dimensions: 100 x 146 x 48mm


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