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PH-260 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitor

PH-260 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitor

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Product description : 
Three large screen shows that while an instrument PH, Temp, EC, CF, TDS measurements, fully functional, high precision, low prices.
Wall mount design, easy installation, operation and maintenance.
Equipped with BNC composite electrode, an electrode around the world to facilitate the replacement.
According to customer requirements with power adapter.
Special suitcase, built instruments, electrodes and all accessories and easy to use.
Model PH-260
Measuring range pH 0.00 ~ 14.00 pH
Temperature 0°C~50°C
EC 0~1999us/cm
EC 0.00~19.99ms/cm
TDS 0~19990ppm
TDS 0.00~19.99ppt
Resolution pH 0.01PH
Temperature 0.1°C
EC 1us/cm
EC 0.01ms/cm
TDS 1ppm
TDS 0.01ppt
Accuracy pH ±0.1 PH
Temperature 1.0°C
EC ±2%F.S
EC ±2%F.S
TDS ±2%F.S
TDS ±2%F.S
Automatic Temperature Compensation 0 ~ 50°C
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50°C
Power Supply DC 9V(include), with adaptor
Dimensions 95mm x 61mm x 20 mm
Weight 500 g


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