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Power Monitor/Energy Meter

Power Monitor/Energy Meter

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Power Monitor/Energy Meter

Model AMF047 AMF048 AMF049 AMF050
Power Supply 220V 50HZ; Max 10A (Within 2.2KW) 220V 50HZ; Max 1A (Within 220W) 220V 50HZ; Max 10A (Within 2.2KW) 220V 50HZ; Max 16A (Within 3.5KW)
Time Switch NO NO Yes NO
Clock Display NO NO Yes NO
Buzzer Alarm NO NO Yes NO
Over Current Protection NO NO Yes NO
Accuracy 1.0
Constant 6400imp/KWH
Power Dissipation <1W
Operating Temperature 0~45°C
Storage Temperature -20~60°C
Monitoring Current Value Yes
Active Power Yes
Monitoring Current Voltage, Current, Frequency Yes
Record of Total Time Consumption Yes
Record of Total Electricity Consumption Yes
Calculate COEmissions Yes
Power Factor Detection Yes
Set Alarm Threshold Load Yes
Large LCD Display Yes


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