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Precise Infrared Thermometer ST1450

Precise Infrared Thermometer ST1450

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Noncontact measuring. Inside laser aimer.
White backlight LCD. D:S=35:1
Auto-data hold and auto-turn off (Auto turn off after 15sec when release the button).
A great many of emissivity symbol.
Use abroad: Can used for food, safety-inspect, fire inspect, power vehicle and diesel engine, plastic factory etc. Can select °C/°F.
Measuring range: 
-10~499.5°C(14~931°F), resolution: 0.5°C
500~1,450°C/(932~2,642°F), resolution: 1°C
Response time: 0.5sec
Spectral response: 3~14μm
Emissivity: 0.99/0.95/0.89/0.85/0.79/0.75
Battery: one 9V battery
Measuring precision: ±1.5%+1°C
Ambient operating range: 0~40°C (32~104°F)
Relative humidity: 10~80%RH


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