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QuEChERS Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction

QuEChERS Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction

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QuEChERS Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction

QuEChERS – a Simplified Method of Sample Preparation for Pesticide Analysis In 2003, it is a simple way to prepare food samples for pesticide analysis. It’s called QuEChERS, an acronym for Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe. With QuEChERS, you could prepare your samples in multi-class, multi-residue pesticide analysis while saving time and money.
How QuEChERS works?
1. QuEChERS extraction method is designed for multi-residue pesticide analysis of fruits and vegetables with high water content (80%-95%). Some compounds will interfere the detection of target pesticide, such as chlorophyll, fatty acid, pigment, which could be removed by QuEChERS.
2. Some QuEChERS methods add buffers during the extraction step. Two most common methods are the European Committee for Standardization (EN 15662) method which applies citrate buffer for extraction and the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC 2007.01) method using acetic acid buffer.
3. For low-water content fruits and vegetables, additional water needs to be added to optimize the extraction. For high-fatty content fruits and vegetables, C18E should be added to remove it. For high-pigment content fruits and vegetables, graphicarb should be added.

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1981-5550: Extraction Kits, 4g MgSO4, 1.5g Na Acetate;  50ml, 25pcs/box

AOAC 2007.01 Method
1. 1981-5755  Acetic Extraction Tube: 6g MgSO4, 1.5gNa Acetate; 50ml, 25pcs/box

2. 1981-5022  PSA Clean-up tube1: 50mg PSA, 150mg MgSO4;  2ml (1ml sample) 100pcs/box
3. 1981-5058  PSA Clean-up tube2: 400mg PSA, 1200mg MgSO4;  15ml(8ml sample); 50pcs/box

4. 1981-5122  PSA/C18 Clean-up tube: 50mg PSA, 50mg C18, 150mgMgSO4;  2ml (1ml sample); 100pcs/box
5. 1981-5158  PSA/C18 Clean-up tube2: 400mg PSA, 400mg C18, 1200mg MgSO4; 15ml (8ml sample); 50pcs/box
6. 1981-5258  PSA/C18GCB Clean-up tubel1: 50mg PSA, 50mg C18, 50mg GCB;  2ml (1ml sample); 100pcs/box
7. 1981-5456  PSA/C18/GCB Clean-up tube2: 400mg PSA, 400mg C18, 400mg GCB, 1200mg MgSO4; 15mL (8ml sample); 50pcs/box
8. 1981-4950  Disperzive kits, 50mg PSA, 150mg C18EC, 900mg Na2SO4; 15ml (8ml sample);  50pcs/box
9. 1981-0029  Disperzive kits All food types, 400mg PSA, 45mg GCB, 1200mg MgSO4; 15ml (8ml sample); 50pcs/box

EN 15662 Method

1. 1981-5650 Citric acid tube:4g MgSO4, 1g NaC1, 0.5g Na-Citrate sesquihydrate, 1g Na-Citrate; 50ml;  25pcs/box
2. 1981-5021 PSA Clean-up tube1: 25mg PSA, 150mg MgSO4; 2ml (1ml sample); 100pcs/box
3. 1981-5056 PSA Clean-up tube2: 150mg PSA, 900mg MgSO4; 15ml (6ml sample); 50pcs/box
4. 1981-5256 PSA/GCB Clean-up tubel: 150mg PSA, 15mg GCB, 900mg MgSO4; 15ml (6ml sample); 50pcs/box
5. 1981-5356 PSA/GCB Clean-up tube2: 150mg PSA, 45mg GCB, 900mg MgSO4; 15ml (6ml sample); 50pcs/box
6. 1981-5121 PSA/C18 Clean-up tube1: 25mg PSA, 25mg C18; 2ml (1ml sample); 100pcs/box
7. 1981-5156 PSA/C18 Clean-up tube2: 150mg PSA, 150mg C18, 900mg MgSO4; 15ml (6ml sample); 50pcs/box


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