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Rice Mill RM01

Rice Mill RM01

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Rice Mill RM01

RM01 Rice Mill is the latest product we put out to the market, which is of novelty design. Its main function is to complete the hulling procedure, husked rice whiten process at one time.
This instrument adopts completely new technology and new material, is of smart structure, beautiful appearance, featured with higher husk and whiten rate, larger sampling quantity, fewer broken rice, represented practical mill e-ffect, easy to use, fewer ash, etc. is an ideal instrument for rice purchase and processing departments to judge the quality of grain, (brown kernels, disease and speckle, white bellyand unsound kernels)
1. Sampling quantity: about 180g (280ml)
2. Husk rate: >99%
3. Broken rate: round shaped paddy: <5%
4. Long shaped paddy: <10%
5. Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz; 550W
6. Net weight: 13kg
7. Time setting: digital number


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