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RM-206 Reflectance Meter

RM-206 Reflectance Meter

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RM-206 Reflectance Meter

1. It is widely used in coatings, pigments, inks, plastics, printing and dyeing, leather, film screenings and other industries, for product quality or standardized inspection and management.
2. It meets the international standards of ISO3906-1980 (E), ISO3905, ISO2814, and the national standards of GB/T13452.3-92, GB9270-88, GB5211.17-88. 
3. Use RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
4. Provide Bluetooth data output choice.
5. This instrument is composed of main unit, standard board (a black one and a white one), testing board (a black one and a white one).
6. When the reflected light of the sample acts on the surface of the photocell, an electric signal is input into the DC amplifier and amplified for reading on the display.

1. Range: 0~100
2. Resolution: 0.1
3. Accuracy: ±1
4. Repeatability: 0.3
5. Measurement Area: 7x14mm (Ellipse)
6. The display data is in direct proportion to the reflected light.
7. The spectral sensitivity of the instrument is approximately equal to the product of Sc(λ) and y(λ).
8. Operation Temperature: 0~40°C
9. Operation Humidity: <85%
10. Power Supply: 3.7V Lithium Battery
11. Size: 141x45x79mm
12. Weight: 310g (Including Battery)


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