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sko-180,skl-180,sko-300,skl-300 Digital Orbital and Linear Shaker

sko-180,skl-180,sko-300,skl-300 Digital Orbital and Linear Shaker

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sko-180,skl-180,sko-300,skl-300 Digital Orbital and Linear Shaker

1. Compact, orbital shaker with ideal swivel motion, for a maximum shaking weight of 7.5kg
2. LCD display for speed and time adjustment, makes it possible to read the speed, timer function and operating mode
3. Wide range of attachment combinations makes it possible to use almost all shapes and sizes of vessels
4. Electronic adjustment of speed and timer
5. Electronic time switching clock: time or continuous operation mode
5, Outer rotor brushless motor
6. Linear shaker optional
7. Over speed detection and protection
8. PC control via RS232 interface, software is available to control and document all measuring values via PC. Parameter can be set to carry out safety monitoring

Date Description SKO-180 SKL-180 SKO-300 SKL-300
Voltage 100-240V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Power 30W
Shaking movement Orbital Linear Orbital Linear
Orbital diameter 4mm 10mm
Max shaking weight (with attachment) 2.5Kg 7.5Kg
Motor Type External rotor brushless motor
Motor rating input 28W
Motor rating output 15W
Speed Range 100-800RPM 100-500RPM
Speed display LCD
Timer YES
Timer display LCD
Time setting range 1-1199min
Run type Time/Continuous operation
Overall dimensions (DxWxH) 340x300x100mm 420x370x100mm
Weight 8.1Kg 13.5Kg
Permissible ambient Temp 5-40oC
Permissible relative humidity 80%
Protection class to DIN EN60529 IP21
RS232 interface YES


Optional Parts:

Model Number Description
SK180-1 SK 180.1 Universal attachment
SK180-2 SK 180.2 Fixing clip attachment
SK180-3 SK180.3 Lengthways Roller Attachment
SK180-4 SK180.4 Dish Attachment (with slip-resistant foil)
SK330-1 SK 330.1 Universal attachment
SK330-2 SK 330.2 Fixing clip attachment
SK330-3 SK330.3 Lengthways Roller Attachment
SK330-4 SK330.4 Dish Attachment (with slip-resistant foil)
SK180-21 /SK330-21 Fixing Clip For flask volume 25 ml
SK180-22 /SK330-22 Fixing Clip For flask volume 50 ml
SK180-23 /SK330-23 Fixing Clip For flask volume 100 ml
SK180-24 /SK330-24 Fixing Clip For flask volume 200/250 ml
SK180-25 /SK330-25 Fixing Clip For flask volume 500 ml
  Bar for SK330-1 Universal attachmentblack
  Bar for SK180-1 Universal attachment, black


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