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SM8124 Voltmeter of Battery Internal Resistance

SM8124 Voltmeter of Battery Internal Resistance

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SM8124 Voltmeter of Battery Internal Resistance

Voltmeter of internal battery resistance is mainly used to measure battery terminal voltage and internal resistance. The internal resistance is measured with the international standard AC signal (1000Hz±10%) by means of four-wire method to ensure the impact of the test probe of the contact resistance of the instrument, the wire and battery output terminal on the measured value, and the battery voltage can also be measured at the same time. It is applicable for measurement of internal resistances of Lithium-ion, nickel-hydroxide, lithium-manganese, lead-acid and other single cell or all kinds of assembled battery. 
3-1/2 digits 18mm LCD
Voltage Measurement Range: 0~1.999V, 2~19.99V, 20~199.9V
Voltage resolution: (0~1.999V)1mV, (2~19.99V)10mV, (20~100V)100mV
Internal Resistance Range: 0~199.9mΩ, 200~1,999mΩ, 2~19.99Ω
Internal Resistance Resolution:(0~199.9mΩ)0.1mΩ, (200~1,999mΩ)1mΩ, (2~19.99Ω)10mΩ


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