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Stroboscope Meter DT2240B

Stroboscope Meter DT2240B

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Stroboscope Meter DT2240B

1. This tachometer is used the microcomputer (CPU) technique, photoelectrical technique and LCD for one instrument combine PHOTO TACH & MOTION & SURFACE MAR.

2. Large LCD display with backlight
3. Digital control adjust flash frequence
4. Low power consumption
1. Measure range: 60~39,999RPM
2. Coarse/Fine adjust amplitude:
  <1,000RPM Coarse adjust: ±10RPM; Fine adjust: ±0.1RPM
  ≥1,000RPM Coarse adjust:±100RPM; Fine adjust: ±1RPM
3. Accuracy: ±0.05%
4. Resolution: <1,000RPM: 0.1RPM; ≥1,000RPM: 1RPM
5. 10 commonly functions for rotational speed storage, improves the efficiency of measurement. The intensity of flashlight is increased 100% than DT2239B.
6. Battery: 4×1.5V AA battery


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