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SYS-C Sand Mould Surface Hardness Tester

SYS-C Sand Mould Surface Hardness Tester

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SYS-C Sand Mould Surface Hardness Tester

It is used to determine the wet sand mould (core) surface hardness, for playing molding process to provide technical parameters. According to the size of the spring force and the stroke is the principle of linear relationship, the size of its stroke through a set of gear, the transmission of the rack by the surface pointer. The hardness of the surface of the sand B Type of unit is (g/mm2), but not in the habit 
of units but with the hardness to say. Because their values are related and consistent, both large (g/mm2), the corresponding hardness value is also large.
1. Compression stroke: 2.50mm
2. Maximum load: 1500g
3. Pressure load: 180g
4. Head shape and size: Ball R1.20
5. Accuracy: 2.5%
6. Outline dimension: 90 * 55 * 28mm
Adjust the 0 position, when the pointer is not in the 0 position, turn the adjusting ring, so that the pointer to the 0 bit. – use the hardness is pressed on the tested sand plane (hardness of the axis perpendicular to the surface of the sand), the hardness meter gauge plane and the measured sand plane close contact, the pointer stopped at a certain value, press the locking pin locking be locking, read out the determined value, then loosen the lock locking the pointer back to zero. In each test, 5 to 3 times, and then to calculate the average number, both the hardness value of the site.


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